Warren Betts Communications

Our Mission

Warren Betts Communications (WBC) is an entertainment PR and marketing agency specializing in science and technology. WBC is a leader in branding and promoting Hollywood’s biggest films themed to science, technology, history, futurism, aviation and espionage.

Who We Are

Unlike other PR agencies, every member of the WBC team shares a genuine passion for the sciences. WBC uniquely spotlights real world experts, influencers and filmmakers to connect your film to the world’s geniuses and innovators of our time, grabbing attention on the “off the entertainment pages” of the media. The company has unparalleled relationships with NASA, the Department of Defense, The Department of Homeland Security, and major universities, institutes and organizations all over the world, including MIT, The California Institute of Technology, CERN Labs, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, among the world’s top scientific and technology institutes.


WBC has over three decades of PR and marketing expertise launching high-concept projects with the most cutting-edge marketing techniques. Our established network of media include the world’s top magazines, newspaper columns, television programming, radio and online/digital media. Where science, technology and the future are being discussed in the media, we are there. In addition to Hollywood’s major studios and filmmakers, the company also services clients outside of Hollywood, including NASA, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Lockheed Martin.

Science in Hollywood ™
Science in Hollywood ™